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Directions to run no: 2352

Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2019
Venue: Dengkil
Hare: John Castleman
Scribe: Johan Van Geyzel
Run 2352 Wednesday, 16 January 2019
Hare: John Castleman
Venue: Bangi / Dengkil
Scribe: Johan Van Geyzel
GPS: 2.8905,101.739

( beside river near bridge and Bukit Ungul Country Club)
- Stay on Seremban Highway South and pass Kajang and Bangi, do NOT exit to Bangi as there is a new Exit 212A to Southville and Dengkil, 2.4 km after the old exit 212. Trip Meter as you pass Exit 212.
- After 1km note the golden domed mosque on the left
- Go another 1.4km to Exit 212A and exit left to Southville City and Dengkil
- From Southville City Toll go 1.1km and turn right at tee traffic lights.
- Go 1.8km and slow before bridge
- Turn right onto dirt road just before the bridge
- Go 1.3 km along the road beside the river to runsite on right.
Leave room for lorries although these are not expected after 6.00pm.

If coming from Putrajaya Dengkil town direction:
- Take B18 which becomes 31 toward Bangi, go straight past roundabout to Bukit Ungul Country Club,
- Cross bridge and turn LEFT onto dirt road immediately after bridge.
- Go 1.3 km along the road beside the river to runsite on right.

On-On: Dengkil Seafood Restaurant
GPS: 2.8595878,101.6791557

- Return to B18/31 main road and turn right over bridge.
- Continue straight along this road into Dengkil town.
- At traffic light in Dengkil town, turn right
- Dengkil Seafood Restaurant is at the first corner on your right
- (Restaurant owner advises not to park on the left. But if you insist, beware that your car may attract unwanted visitors!)