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Please confirm your run and submit your run site directions as soon as possible. We would like to have the mis-directions at least 3 weeks before your run. Please send by e-mail to hareline[at] If you for some reason can’t set the run allocated to you, feel free to find somebody else to swap with and let the Hareline Bunny know who you are swapping run with and on what date . If you are new to setting runs, check this printable Run Guide and enlist the help of a more experienced hasher.

A note to all future hares: Please get the permission of the land owner/manager for parking so we don't have problems in future.

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Run NoRun DateHareVenueOccasionReport
230628 Feb 2018Mynne TanTaman Bukit Seri Bintang, Kepong
228030 Aug 2017Johan Van GeyzelTaman Rimba AmpangMerdeka Day Run
235430 Jan 2019Mae YewTaman Rimba behind Zoo Negara
232618 Jul 2018AzurinaTaman Tijani Ukay Perdana HARI RAYA RUN
235109 Jan 2019Johan Van GeyzelTaman Tugu / Tugu Park KL
233305 Sep 2018Adeline GohTaman Wawasan, PuchongMerdeka Run
222327 Jul 2016Hans SchmitterTTDI
224023 Nov 2016Yoong Yee ChinTTDI
224818 Jan 2017Danny LimTTDI
231930 May 2018Soo Kan HoyUlu Langat AgrotectVolunteer Hare: Keith Burnley
221501 Jun 2016Frank WijnandsVilla Bestari
224421 Dec 2016Frank WijnandsVilla Bestari
230307 Feb 2018Frank WijnandsVilla Bestari